About Us

Unique Business Solutions is a leading Palestinian Software and Technology Provider Company delivering business solutions to clients. UBS Registered lately in 2010 as a Palestinian - limited partnership - Company with the number 562511766.

Our Vision

Is to be the most trusted provider of systems, solutions and technologies that ensure the security and creativity for our clients. As the technology leader, we will have our fingerprint in the future of information technology in our region.

Our Mission

Is to provide our region with creative and innovated IT solutions. Also, to provide best solutions that enable our clients businesses to excel and build integrated business solutions that make the information friendly, well structured that guide organizations to reach their goals sooner, and to improve their human resources creativity and productivity

Why UBS?

With UBS company, you'll benefit from 24/7/365 support, a genuine commitment to customer care, and a thorough analysis of your requirements. We prioritize long-term investments and deliver professional work as evidence of our dedication. By choosing us, you gain access to a team of experts, each with theoretical and practical expertise in the various areas of our offered services.


UBS specializes in a range of distinctive and unique IT services to solve software problems for efficient and effective technology solutions.

System development, implementation and deployment

System Development, Implementation, and Deployment encompass end-to-end IT solutions, from creation to integration, ensuring seamless functionality.

IT consulting services

Our IT consulting services provide strategic guidance to maximize technology's impact on your business.

Systems integration

Systems Integration streamlines the harmonious interaction of diverse software and hardware components, enhancing operational efficiency.

Solution upgrades

Solution upgrades involve enhancing and modernizing your existing systems to ensure they remain efficient and up-to-date.

Data migration and data analysis

Data migration and data analysis services involve transferring and studying data to enable informed decision-making and efficient data management.

System analysis, gap analysis, and case studies

System analysis, gap analysis, and case studies identify areas for improvement and innovation through comprehensive evaluation and real-world scenarios.

Information technology training services

Information technology training services empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the digital landscape.

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We have a dedicated team of 17+ experts across 2 branches.

Our Products

Call management system

Our enterprise level call control functionality will allow your employee to make and accept, hold, transfer calls directly from the browser, manage blacklists calls,without needs for landline phones setup and extra costs.


UBS partnered with Limitless Company in Amman, Jordan, to create and deploy an e-voucher system on Android tablets, serving as the primary sales channel for Orange telecom vouchers. The system operates seamlessly in both online and offline modes.

Family Tracking System

UBS's Find Me app allows parents to track their children on Android, iOS, and Windows phones, offering web-based management for setting restricted areas and offline functionality.

Time Attendance

UBS team developed Attendance system which can help organization management with features like time capture, reporting, absence management, and seamless third-party integration for efficient workforce tracking.

Video digital library portal

UBS developed a versatile video digital library portal, powered by cutting-edge streaming technology, currently serving as a vital educational resource at Al-Quds Open University and one of the largest video libraries for students.

Network Management System

UBS collaborated with the Bank of Palestine to create a unified software solution for monitoring around 100 UPS and generators,supporting SNMP and MODBUS protocols,all integrated with GPRS service.

Archiving system

UBS implemented an archiving and messaging portal for Palestine's Ministry of Education and Finance, serving 1500 concurrent users with robust security and encryption for document management.

Municipalities RMIS

UBS collaborated with FreeBalance to create a comprehensive municipal revenue management system covering water and electricity billing,taxes,licenses,and customer relations,enhancing customer loyalty and integration with municipal financial systems.

Payments Gateway

UBS partnered with ESCO in Jordan to enable payment collection for water and electricity through terminals, expanding their services, and is currently developing new modules (EVD, E-Mal, and E-Kitting) to further enhance customer offerings.

Supermarket POS System

Full package compatible with all pos equipments and connected automatically to balancer.

Commission System
Procurement System
Eletter System
Exams System
Payroll system

UBS developed a comprehensive payroll system for the Military Financial Management Department, handling payroll processing, allowances, tax calculations, and financial transactions for over 65,000 Palestinian Authority military employees every month.

Labs management system

UBS is developing a labs management system for handling patient information, sample tracking, financial transactions, and insurance claims It also includes SMS/email When the result issues and approved by branch supervisor.

Pharmacies POS System

Full POS system with special specifications related to expiry dates.

Ecommerece Platform
Shops POS System

UBS created a versatile POS system for fashion and shoe shops, offering extensive customization for item properties like size and color. Additionally, a tailored Dry Clean POS System streamlines the receiving process with specialized receive notes.

Restaurants System

UBS designed a restaurant POS system with table layout customization, enhanced features for delivery and to-go orders, seamless integration with the UBS-developed iPad iMenu, and customizable menu item properties for tailored meal orders.

Trucks Scale System

UBS collaborated with IC Systems in the occupied green land areas to automate and manage large-scale truck and trailer weighing processes across 100+ locations, including automated shipment letter generation.

Our Clients